Alas Poor Bed, I Knew It Well

Sleep. Why won't she just sleep. I am tired of that stupid freaking Pampers commercial. The one in which a host of unconscious babies are shown as that twangy little number plays in the the background -- "Silent Night." Everytime soneone asks me if she is sleeping through the night, I have to stifle the urge to slap them and make them babysit. We're good for a four to five-hour stretch at the getgo, then it's anywhere from 1-2 hours until I finally relent and just bring her to bed with me. At which time she commences to play kcikball with my ribs.

Now she's playing "I know it's my bedtime, but I am not going to sleep."

She's rolling. All over the place, even in her crib while she sleeps. She has decided she likes sleeping on her tummy. Which is odd, since she hates it while she's awake.

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