Climb to Conquer Cancer

Today I climbed South Mountain once again. I've been doing this climb every year since I was 20... with a few exceptions. I brought Connor and Mia with me. Neither of them was the least bit happy to be there. Last night was not fun, with a capital NT, and I am tired as hell today. I got there late, just as police were setting up the barricades, so I had to hoof it 1.5 miles just to get to the registraion tables where I met the parents. The climb is supposed to be 5 miles, but we only made it three before Miss Mia had a virtual meltdown, and I decided to turn myself around and head back down. As it was, we probably would have made better time if I had just finished and taken the bus down. Oh well. In all, I think I walked about 7-8 miles today.

My father is a survivor of prostate cancer, so this walk is especially important to me.

I wanted to write something interesting and witty tonight, but I am tired. Instead, I'll leave you with a picture. Check out the fauxhawk.

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