Reasons for not running today

1. Tess, my four-footed running partner, tried to eat a beagle. I decided to leave her at home. She was most upset and howled for the duration, which upset my other two dogs. I am sure the neighborhood would appreciate it if I just took her with me from now on.

I could not take her, though, because Eric was still sleeping (despite the absolute chaos taking place in our backyard, so I decided to take Mia with me in the as yet unused jogging stroller.

2. The jogging stroller. So pretty with it's orange and black color scheme and ultra cool with an iPod hookup to external speakers. I got it halfway down the block before I realized that the tires were flat. (This was my second return trip home, the first to return Tess.)

3. Eric was roused by the dogs barking -- finally - and I yelled at him through the security door to find me the air pump for the tire. Poor Eric. He wasn't quite awake yet and was still trying to piece together why on earth the dogs were having a complete meltdown in the backyard.

Air pump was found, Eric fixed my tires, and I changed Mia, who had managed to spit up half of her rice cereal and pears on her onesie and pants. Set out once again. A little less determined, but I figured I couldn't give up now, especially since Eric was in his tired/confused/annoyed state.

4. I use Robert Ullrey's podcasts for the Couch to 5k program. They are set to music, and the times are spaced out perfectly. I don't have to watch the timer to see when to run and when to revert to brisk walking. In my haste to finally get going, I turned on the week four podcast instead of the week two podcast. I was four minutes into what should have been a two-minute run before I realized me mistake and inevitably found the right spot in the correct pocast.

I could have given up, but I didn't. And although my running is barely faster than my brisk walking, I feel accomplished.


Weight check:

Starting weight (and last week): 154.6
This week: 155.4

Gained half a pound. While my exercise has been great, I need to eat better. *Sigh*

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