Coming Back to Life (or some derivative thereof)

I am feeling much better. Still have a runny nose and a more annoying hacking type couch. I'm pretty sure i have lost every ounce of cardio strength I had pre-PT. Speaking of which, I excused myself from PT. Eric is working a temporary days shift, and I have no child care to speak of. PT, DONE.

I am feeling better, but I realize that I need to keep up with the stretching and strength training. Yeah... maybe tomorrow. Or not.

Eric is now sick, and I can tell he feels like crap. He's not saying a word though, perhaps in fear of what I might say after he asked me how long I was going to "milk it" during one of my worst days last week. Ummm, yeah. Don't worry, I threw a bunch of baby food at him to show my displeasure. But I do feel bad for him. He's looking pretty bad, and he's been working a lot to top it off. I hope he gets better soon. I'm not a fan of snot.

On another front, I am making soakers, shorties, and longies. It's taking me too long to get them complete, between this eBay venture, being sick, and my Anatomy & Physiology class. When I get enough stock, I plan to open a boutique here.

Here's a sample:

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