My Husband, the Angel?

For being an unber manly man, my husband has some soft, sensitive skin. I like it. It's good for cuddling and brushing up against in the middle of the night when he finally gets home from work. He's pale as can be with freckles, which I think are sexy.

Imagine my utter astonishment today, then, when I happened to catch him sans shirt. He has two very red and angry marks just above his shoulder blades and just below his shoulders. He has no recollection of receiving said marks, and he says they aren't painful at all.


We think he may have recieved them while working out at the gym last night, but that's primarly conjecture. I'd like to think he's sprouting wings.

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  1. Your blog is looking pretty. All the best with it, and to your great husband and family. Hope those spots from the workout resolve soon :)


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