Anyone Wanna Dog? Slightly Used, Does Not Like Mailmen

Loki is getting up there in the years. He'll be 10 in August, so he's pushing the upper limit of the boxer life span. He's a good dog; he toelrates the baby's abusive maneuvers and is always good as a replacement woobie for Eric. He's a bit crotchety in his old age, however, and he is not fond of anything or anyone who dare step foot in, or even near, our front yard.

Loki, along with the other two critters who claim our home, has been the bane of our mailman for several years now. Each days as he bravely delivers our mail to the front porch, the dogs lunge at the window or the security door, if the regular happens to be open. I can only imagine how much our poor mailman hates our house. And if he didn't hate us before, he has every right to do so after Loki's latest display if aggression.

When you hear a loud, shattering sound coming from parts of the house, you can guarantee that is isn't going to be good. I found Loki hanging by a bamboo blind halfway through the front window (yes, he broke it), and the mailman RUNNING away from our front door like his hair was on fire.


We have one broken window, which we do not have the money to repair. Thank goodness for those credit cards.

And, while Eric hastily cut and tapped up the plywood that is currently serving as our front window, he inadvertently left the back gate unlocked. All three puppies made a break for it this morning. Two of them are home safe, if not completely exhausted. Barron, our pit bull is still at large.

I am thinking of trading all of them in for a goldfish.

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