I'm Alive

I began the eighth week of the C25K program today. 28 minutes of non-stop running. Yeah, I'm a bad-ass. I'm not entirely fast, though, although I have been assured that speed will increase as my mileage does.

Eating has, well, sucked for the most part since last we met. I need to lay off hte little voice in my head that is making it difficult for me. I haven't really lost any more weight, but hey, I'm running 2.5 miles now. That's pretty good. In honor of a stressful night which involved Erix working, the baby NOT sleeping, and me being generally stressed out, I ate a Burger King meal today -- and I got it large. I ate the whole thing. No, I'm not feeling good right now.

Mia is thisclose to crawling. She is fearless. Connor is not a risk-taker, and I've always taken for granted that I don't have to worry about him. Mia, on the other hand, will cause me worry, and, likely, grey hair.
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