Defining Goals

When I began the C25K program, I didn't really have much of a plan, or a goal, other than "finish it." Well, I finished it, and have been feeling a bit bereft of purpose. Although I continue to run, and have added strength training and various other workouts to the mix, it's important to define what it is I am doing and why I am doing it.

Here's what m short-term goals are:

1. Complete the One Hour Runner program. This really shouldn't be too difficult. I am already near 40-minutes runs. Still, with summer coming on, I am not going to push myself too hard.

2. Lose the baby weight. By September 6th. That's my 35th birthday. As I have said before, I refuse to be 35 and fat.

3. Take care of my sciatic issue. I went to the doctor this past week, and I am now seeing a physical therapist three times a week. More of that later.
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